In Memory of Guinea Pigs & Rabbits who ran over the Rainbow Bridge

If you have lost a much-loved Guinea Pig or Rabbit, you can have their name added to our list on our Rainbow bridge page, and you will be able to see their name shining permanently on our website!!


You can add their name to the bottom of this page for free. Just send us their name and we will add their name below.


If you would like their own square, we will place a picture and up to 10 words you would like to say for a small donation to our rescue fund. Please send us a good clear picture & wording via messenger or email and make a donation via



**Kitkat**  **Pud**      **Winnie**      **Toffee**


**Lizzie**  **Wickham**      **Nugget**   


       **Eddie**  **Pancake**  **Bumble** 


**Berry**  **Honey**  **Erik**  **Caramel**


**Obi**   **Ted**     **Merida**   **Maple**


**Trixie**    **Bill**    **Sydney**   






** Piggy**       **Fleur**      ** Bailey & Ginger**      **Jack**  


**Wotsitt**   **Spot**    **Martini**


**Sergio**     **Honey**    **Woody**   **Toffee**


**Clemmie**    **Oakley**   **Spice**   **Fuzzy**


**Dale**  **Tiffin**    **Rolo**      **Jack**.  **Flora**.  **Mabel**.   **Sunshine**


**Badger**. **Stewie**.  **Munchie**. **Pru**.    **Willow**.         **Zayla & Pippy**


** Squeak**     **Carol**   **Flora**  **Mabel**


**Oreo**    **Cagney & Lacey**    **Xylo & Bertie**    **Scruff**      **Jaffa**


**Biscuit & Rhino**      **Teddy & Baby**    **Scuttle**   **Lilly**   


**Bertie**   **Millie**  **Peanut**         **Panda**  **Phyllis**   **Fudge(Hawk)**     **Fern** 


**Dec**    **Gary**    ** Fudgicalls**








**Pedro**               ** Bob **            **Sprout** 


**Trixie**          **Alfie**          **Ginge**      **Indi** 


**Phyllis**     **Moomin**         **Heidi**    **Finn**






Animals are the magic in the world. And I will forever be grateful for all the little souls who have been part of my life, past and present.  Making me smile on the darkest of days and loving without judgement and condition. Our time with them is never long enough, but the manic they bring to our lives is eternal.      (Credit to Ohmyguinea)

All new additions can take up to 7 days to be added and updates. Pictures and names will stay on the website until the day the piggery closes and the web page is removed. 

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