Guinea Pig Boarding & Accommodation


All Guinea Pigs who stay with us, have an all-inclusive boarding experience. They will stay in a purposely adapted outbuilding created to keep all your  'Piggies' safe and happy, with no barking dogs or cats to scare them. 


All of our hutches are indoors (safe from any predators). We do not have any outdoor hutches so we do not leave any animal outdoors during the night at all. We have a selection of hutches available to suit your requirements. Take a look at our Accommodation below. 


We are dedicated to giving each Guinea Pig all the special care and attention that they deserve while you are away. From spa days, where your Guinea Pig can have a bath and nail trim, to special care for Guinea's who need medication for non-contagious illnesses. 


What’s included in their stay?


We supply everything your Piggy needs while staying with us

  • Fresh Fruit and Vegetables twice a day
  • Unlimited hay 
  • Fresh water  changed twice a day
  • A selection of Dried food, ( we keep Harringtons and Burgess Nuggets in stock)
  • All residents cleaned out daily
  • We keep our guests busy with lots of toys and tunnels to play with.
  • Daily play-time in an outside run ( if requested, weather permitting and not left unattended)
  • All residents are allocated their own individual hutch and run during the duration of their stay
  • Daily cuddles and facebook updates for mum and dad.

We understand that all Guinea Pigs are individuals. They are all different breeds, different ages and all have their own unique needs. After giving your guinea pigs time to settle in,we spend one to one time with them to ensure that all their needs are met and they enjoy their stay. 


Please feel free to bring along any of your own guinea pig's toys & beds if you wish to,  as this may help your pet settle in quickly.

Items such as tunnels and beds etc, all have their own scent on the items which may help them feel at ease in their new surroundings.



We also offer Spa days for Guinea Pigs for any Guinea Pigs that are staying with us at the Piggery.

. Spa days are from £15. 

Please click this link below for more information . 

Guinea Pig Accommodation

In our Piggery,  we have 22 hutches and all are named after guinea pigs, past and present who have lived or stayed at our Piggery.
All hutches are cleaned out regularly, water bottles are changed every morning and every evening, any uneaten food is thrown away and fresh is supplied. Our hutches are washed, dried, and disinfected after each use to ensure they are clean and disease-free. All hutches are checked daily for any damage or repairs that may be required. We have different size hutches available, depending on your needs and availability.


Our hutches are also available with a choice of bedding.

     You can choose from Wood shavings -which is provided if no preference is stated

                                Or  Fleece-lined hutches -limited availability, (See below- extra charge applies).

The Dens

Our Dens are our smallest hutches and are 4 ft each. They are only suitable for single Guinea Pigs who live on their own.  


We have three of these available.


They are called-;

Hugo's Den,  Bob's Den and Dizzy's Den


Our Cottages.


These are 4ft hutches & we have 8 of these.

3 of them with are located next to the dens, which we can make one large 8ft hutch if needed.

Our Lodges


Our Lodges are custom made hutches especially for us. These are the larger 5ft and extra-wide single storey hutches.    We have six of these available

These hutches are suitable for 2 - 4  pre-bonded Guinea Pigs living together due to their depth and extra space.


These hutches are called; Badger and Bentley's, Cheeky's, Margo's, Willow's and Peanut's Lodge.



Badger and Bentley's Lodge are always set up as Fleece hutches for extra luxury, (fleece lined with fleece beds)  are available at an extra £1 per day. If you would prefer these, please state when booking.


The Delux Piggy Popcorn Palace

Piggy Popcorn Palace is our deluxe Accommodation.

  This hutch comes completely fleece-lined on all 3 levels including the ramps. 


At the top is the bedroom, complete with fleece beds and heat pads. Next to this is a landing with the perfect viewing spot on a sofa bed. 

A ramp then leads to a middle level (which is a play floor)  with toys and treats and then another ramp leads to the bottom food floor ( Dining room) where the hay, fruit and veg and Nuggets will be available.  


All ramps are be fleece-lined for easy exploring for Piggies who are not used to ramps.

They also have friendly night lighting and snuggles safes as standard. 

All Guinea pigs love this Palace and it is very popular with our guests. Let your Guinea Pigs feel special while you are away.....


         The palace is £12.50 per day for 1 - 3 Guinea pigs sharing or £15 for 4 Guinea Pigs and over. 

Boarding Fees 

£6 for a single Guinea Pig per day

£8 for a bonded pair per day

£10 for a trio per day

 discounts apply for other bonded family numbers. 


Fleece Lined Lodges are an extra £1 per day per lodge. 

Heating between 1st  October - 31st March  is extra at £3 per day if needed 

(school holidays heating is included)

Our  Piggery has a lot of useful facilities to help keep your guinea pigs & rabbits secure and comfortable while staying with us,  that other boarding establishments in the area do not often offer.  These include:

  • Lighting
  • Heating and air-conditioning - thus making us able to open all year round 
  • Doors which are locked.
  • A quiet, relaxed and peaceful atmosphere
  • Daily Cuddle time
  • Spa Days for Guinea pigs which include: Bath pamper and Nail trimming service ( extra charges apply)


We are more than happy for you to come and view our boarding facility prior to booking.

We do viewings by appointment only so please call to arrange a time. 

 We maintain a high standard of care daily and our facilities are maintained & cleaned constantly, so whether it's viewing, drop off or collection our facilities look no different from any other time day. 

We post videos and pictures on our Facebook page of current guests which also allows you to see what to expect during your pets stay and clients can contact us anytime for an update.

Outside & Play


At the Piggery,  the Guinea Pigs are allowed to play outside in runs  when the weather permits.


Each run has a lid to make them safe from predators, shade covers if it is sunny, and is solely yours for the duration of your stay. 




You can receive regular emails/ Facebook updates of your pet during their stay with us.


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