Our Residents

As well as the owners of Shropshire Guinea Piggery we have resident Guinea Pigs who are there to greet you on your arrival.


We have had many resident Piggies that have come to stay with us over that past few years, all staying for different reasons. Allow us to introduce our current residents to you on this page.

Molly  - or Plumpy as she is better known.

Breed: Californian

Adopted June 2018


Molly is always found lying next to the food bowl. 

Overwieght and hates any form of excerise at all. 

Retired breeding piggie.


Breed: Pure Californian

Born September 2020


Flick is the grand-daugther of Molly.

Best friends with Bella, hutch destroyer and the youngest of the herd.

Self-promoted to the 'BOSS'

Always last for the veggies but first to get into mischeif.


Breed: Black and Ginger Satin

Adopted April 2018 with Peanut



Moved back from Nicole's in July 2020 after Bella's family passed away

Very friendly and very vocal too. Has a mothering instinct and is a good surrogate to baby guinea pigs who have lost their mummy.

Flick's best friend and partner in crime.

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