The Piggery Residents

As well as the owners of Shropshire Guinea Piggery we have resident Guinea Pigs who are there to greet you on your arrival.


We have had many resident Piggies that have come to stay with us over that past few years, all staying for different reasons. Allow us to introduce our current residents to you on this page.

Main Staff


Breed: Red American

Birthday; 22nd November 21


Nutty is the Boss of the Piggery and Oversees the Running of the Piggery. 

Self-promoted to the 'BOSS'

She is very mischievous and always up to trouble.


Breed: Californian Cream Self

Birthday:  22nd November 21



Verity is best friends with Nutty and her partner in crime. 

Always last for the veggies. 

She's scared at everything and everyone and hasn't found her voice yet so doesn't squeak. 


Verity is top toy Tester.

Piggery Slaves



Started the business in 2014 and is the original owner of the Piggery.

Nicole set up the piggery after rescuing 2 guinea pigs who were no longer wanted by their previous owner and fell in love with everything Guinea Pig related,

Nicole soon realised that there were no boarding facilities uniquely for Guinea Pigs in Shropshire or our local area and decided that something must be done about it. Nicole decided to start up the business after she finished her college course at 19 years of age, hence 'Shropshire Guinea Piggery' was born. 


Nicole now takes a 'back seat' at the Piggery, stepping in when Sharon isn't available. She is now married, a busy mum & has her own house to run, however you may sometimes see her around at the Piggery though, as she just can't seem to keep away from the Piggies!



Hello, I'm Sharon and I'm now am in charge of the Piggery. 

I took over running the Piggery in late 2016, when Nicole wanted to take a back seat from the Piggery for a while. Since then we have expanded and now look after House Rabbits too.  The Piggery has become so popular that I have quit my job of 30+years as a hairdresser and this is now my full-time job.

Not knowing a thing about Guinea pigs when I started, I found there was so much to learn about the care and health of Piggies. I have taken a course in the welfare of Guinea PIg and Rabbits. 


I am normally your first point of contact and the person who is in charge of your pet whilst they are in our care.




Katie started in February 22. She is still at school and is here with us on a Saturday morning.

Katie is doing her Duke of Edingburgh award and is here for her Care of animals section of the award.


For those of you who Check-in or Out on a Saturday morning, you will see Katie around. 


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