Pea Eye - also known as Fatty eye

Pea eye is a permanent protrusion of the Pink area below the eye, called the mucosa or the conjunctival sac. This sac becomes enlarged and it can make the lower eyelid look droopy. It is pale cream in colour or light pink. Pea eye generally does not seem to be uncomfortable and treatment is usually not necessary.



Cause.  There are various reasons that Pea Eye occurs, and some people believe it is Genetic.  Fatty eyes can develop after an untreated eye infection and remain after the infection has cleared up. But the main cause of this condition from the Guinea pig being extremely overweight.   This is usually a slow process and is not normally noticed until the damage has been done. It has also found in piggies with a heart condition or a cyst behind the eye, although this is very extremely rare.



Treatment  for pea eye is not normally needed and a coarse of antibiotic will not cure this illness although some vets will tell you that it will clear it up ( it won’t).   Commonly piggies don’t notice they have it and it doesn’t cause any pain or discomfort. They can live happily with this, but unfortunately, they tend to be overlooked in rescues due to people thinking they are ugly looking.  If the sac below the eye starts to look red and sore or the eye starts to weep at all, it is then a good idea to get this checked out, as this is not normal and it may be the start of an infection.

Keep your guinea pig at a normal weight will help prevent this from developing and help reduce it a little if the condition already exists. 

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