The Fungal Stripe



What is it? Fungal stripe is a narrow stripe or line which goes down the middle of the tip of the nose. This stripe looks like dried on dirt and on the skin it appears ‘bobbled’. It can look like the guinea pig has been chewing on the bars of their cage and rubbed off their fur. It is very common, especially in breeds with a ‘smutt’ like Californians and Himalayans.


Cause. No-one knows the cause of a fungal stripe or why they get it. It is not

a fungal infection and it is not contagious to humans or other guinea pigs.


Treatment  Fungal treatment does not seem to work on a fungal stripe.

 Some vets will try an antifungal cream but it does not tend to solve the

problem. We have found that rubbing a little coconut oil or calendula cream

on with a cotton bub does help, but if often goes away on it’s own eventually

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