Unexpected pregnacy?  What should you do?

I bought my guinea pig from a pet shop and now I think she’s pregnant! What do I do?


Well the first thing I would say is don’t panic.  The deed has been done and there is no going back now, so panicking won’t change the outcome. Just get yourself prepared with the facts so you know what to do. It has been known that some vets give the wrong advice about pregnant sows and this can lead to more stress and trouble than is necessary.

Pregnancy for Guinea Pigs is very high risk, both for the mum and the babies. 25% in pregnancies can end in death for either the mum or the babies and this is why that breeding guinea pigs for a hobby is not encouraged.



How long will it be before the babies arrive?

Guinea pigs are pregnant for 59-72 days. So firstly work out how long you have had your sow. Pregnant guinea pigs normally take the shape of a pair when you look at them from the top.

If you sit with the mummy pig

on your knee and you put your

Hands gently under her belly,

if you feel movement, the

Babies will be here within days. 


Should I take her away from her cage friend?

If they are girls and they get on well together, then NO. Vets often tell new parents to split them, but this is often the wrong advice, We find that Aunty, helps out with the delivery and the care of the young babies. Helping to keep them warm and washing them. If you split bonded girls up, you may find it very hard and stressful to re-bond them back together again.

If mum is with a male, then yes you should split them. Dad will try to mate with mum again as soon as the babies have been born, which will result in another litter very soon.


When mummy goes into labour, leave them alone. Mums often need no help in delivering and should deliver all babies within half an hour, watch from afar and if things look they are going wrong, that is the time to ring your vet.  Mum’s normally deliver late in the evening or during the night, so you may find a nice surprise when you check on them the next day.


Newborn guinea pigs weigh about 3.5 ounces (100 g). They have hair and are able to see and run. They will nurse from their mother but are able to nibble at solid food within 2 days of being born


What age should the baby leave their mum?

Baby boys need to leave mum at 3 weeks of age or 250grams, whichever comes first. Boys will try and mate with their mum at 3 weeks as the natural instinct kicks in.

Boars and sows can hit sexual maturity as early as 3-4 weeks and not 12 weeks as many vets say. 


If you are worried about any stage of the pregnancy, then take your Guinea Pig to a vet and get them checked out.

It's always better to be over-cautious than sorry later.. 

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