Rabbit Boarding & Bunny Barn Accommodation

We offer an alternative to traditional hutched accommodation for Rabbits. As we have Rabbit suites!!  Our  Bunny Barn  was added to our Piggery in 2019, due to demand. It has been built with indoor Rabbits in mind. 


Indoor Rabbit Suites


Each 'Rabbit Suite' has an inside space of 7ft x 3ft  and come with its own 'pop hole' to an outside hard standing play area of 4ft x 3ft ( which is closed at night).  Each suite gives your rabbits a minimum of 33 sq feet of floor space and 3-4ft of headroom above them. 


Hidey holes, tunnels and Toys are as standard as well as unlimited hay. We provide Science Selective Grain-free nuggets and Burgess Rabbit Nuggets, but if you wish to bring your own food, you are more than welcome. 

Vegetables are also included in the price if your rabbit's diet allows. 

The Bunny Barn has thermostat-controlled heating day and night so is ideal for house rabbits.


Unfortunately, these suites may NOT suitable for Giant rabbits or any rabbit that can jump over 3ft high from a standing position. Please come for viewing to discuss suitability. 




Outdoor Rabbit Barns


Our 3 New outdoor barns open in May 2022.


They comprise of a run 4 ft x 7ft ( 28sq/ft) and a nighttime indoor shed of 4ft x 3ft (12sq/ft)

These are unheated. 

 These are suitable for rabbits that like to jump and for outdoor bunnies who are used to living outside.



These barns are only Avilable between April and October.

 All rabbits must be fully vaccinated against Myxomatosis and two strains of Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (RVHD 1 & 2) to be able to stay with us. 

Your Rabbit needs:    The new Nobivac Myxi PLUS


Nobivac & Filovac  


                                                            Nobivac and Eravac Vacinations 


                                            Due to our Rabbit Suites being open topped. all Male rabbits must also be Neutered!           



No Rabbit will be allowed to stay with us without proof of your vaccination certificate.


New policy for 2021

Due to the concern about Rabbits developing gi stasis while they are here, we are now insisting that all newly registered boarding rabbits, who have not boarded with us before must have a minimum 2-night stay before any holiday of 5 days and over.  This must be taken within the 30 days before their stay. No holiday will be accepted of a new bunny of 5 days and over without this mini-break being included in the booking. Stasis can be brought on by the stress of  new surroundings and is very common house rabbits. This new policy has been added for your Rabbits own health and well being and may save you a very large vet bill at the end of your Holiday.   

Our Bunny Barn has a lot of useful facilities to help keep your rabbits secure and comfortable while staying with us,  that other boarding establishments in the area do not often offer.  These include:

  • Lighting
  • Heating and air-conditioning - thus making us able to open all year round and suitable for house Rabbits
  • Doors which are locked and have fly screens.
  • A relaxed and peaceful atmosphere
  • Daily Cuddle time


We are more than happy for you to come and view our boarding facility prior to booking.

We do viewings by appointment only ( due to me being free) so please call to arrange a time. 

 We maintain a high standard of care daily and our facilities are maintained & cleaned constantly, so whether it's viewing, drop off or collection our facilities are no different from any other time day.


We post videos and pictures on our Facebook page of current guests which also allows you to see what to expect during your pets stay and clients can contact us anytime for an update.

Boarding Fees


 1 Single Rabbit £10 per day

2 Bonded Rabbits  £12 per day

Peace and Quiet


We are based in the lovely peaceful country side with very little noice. On special nights like

 New Year’s Eve and during Bonfire season,  we ensure our guests are nice and relaxed throughout the evening celebrations. We pull down all blinds, leave on the lights and radio on to muffle any noise  and hide flashes from the fireworks. 

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