Holiday Extras

We have a small retail section in our Piggery, where you can purchase your holiday extra's, like toys and treats for your pets holidays. We also sell beds, hay, sawdust, nuggets and certain first aid supplies.

These items can be bought for you to use on your holidays and then taken away with you when you leave. 

All profit raised from the sale of any of these item goes towards our rescue and rehoming efforts.

You can order by sending us a message on our 'Contact us' Tab or by clicking the link below 

At our Online shop

 you can order and pay for your goods, as well as choosing postage for home delivery or holiday pick up. 


Below is just a small selection of things we have, but there is a lot lot more available in our online shop 

Why don't you take a look now??!!

Piggy Planner


We are excited to introduce a new item.
 Our very own homemade Piggy Planner!! 
In a soft synthetic leather A5 Mint green or Pink binder. 
Each binder includes 80 pages! Including many pages for you to fill out which are personal to your piggies! 
 ??Our own 40 page Guinea Pig Care Guide! Perfect for absolutely any Guinea pig owner as it is full of details about care and wellbeing of your piggies! ?? 
⭐Weight and health charts, 
⭐Your piggies personal details, 
⭐ Your vet's details 
⭐ Medications etc. 
⭐Each Binder also includes dividers 
⭐There are pockets in the back of the binder for receipts and important papers.

HayPigs!® Circus Hidey Hut™ - Fleece Hidey Hut


A snug and secure circus hut themed home for your guinea pigs to sleep or hide out in! Comes with two interchangeable, removable pee pads. The hut can be machine washed and squashes flat for storage without creasing.


HayPigs!® Piggy Crash Mat™ - Fleece Bed

An extra large cosy polar fleece guinea pig bed - perfect for lap time snuggling! Pee resistant to help avoid any 'accidents' should your pigs get a little too relaxed! The bed is machine washable.


HayPigs!® Wheek Wagon™ - Hay Hopper


The wagon is made from non-toxic materials so it is safe for your guinea pigs to nibble on. It's also got a lid, so your pigs won't accidently clamber inside! The hopper can be filled with a variety of tasty hays, grass and forage which will provide great fibre for your piggies. This helps their digestive system and keeps their teeth worn down.


HayPigs!® Cavy Cannonball™ - Tunnel    £11.99


The tube is 100% chewable, which is good news, as guinea pigs love to nibble! While energetic piggies may choose to charge through the tube (activating the seesaw mechanism), less energetic piggies might be more inclined to take a nap inside it with their cute piggy butts hanging out one end! The tube is perfect for hiding tasty hay in the middle of it - watch as a couple of piggies tip it back and forth to get the best bits!

HayPigs!® Junior Food Tamer™ - Mini Food Bowl     £6.99

Junior Food Tamer™ bowl has a capacity of a ¼ of a cup. Most vets recommend a portion size of around 1⁄8 of a cup per adult guinea pig, per day, so the bowl is perfect for two piggies to share. Portion controlling is made easy, by simply filling the bowl to the top for a ready-made measure. The bowl is also tip-proof and stackable too, reducing waste and making it very practical to use.

Green Warren Tunnel       £ 9.99


This green tunnel is the perfect size for Rabbits to run through and play.


Pigloo     OUT OF STOCK!


Guinea pig sized for 1-2 Guinea Pigs. Comes in Various colours. 

Circus Coloured Hay Roll      £9.00


Fill these lovely rolls with hay. Great way to keep the hay clean before eating.

Yellow stick slides out for easy refilling


Strawberry Beds             


Only Red available. Comes in 2 sizes. Machine Washable. Removeable pad

Small       1 Guinea Pig  or a small piggies                       £8.00  

Medium  2 Guinea Pigs or 1 small rabbit( 30x30x40cms)                 £16.00

Mini Hay Bales             £7.00  Currently OUT of STOCK


Mini hay bale comprising of top quality Meadow & Timothy Hay. Very fresh, sweet smelling hay. Great for encouraging Bunny's to eat their hay and Rabbits who suffer from Stasis.
Each bale is approximately 1.0   KG in weight. Size approx 35cms x 18cms x 12cms

Excel Long Stemmed feeding hay   £5.50


Cut at the right time and dried within 48 hours to capture all the natural goodness, Burgess Excel Long Stem Feeding Hay has also been dust extracted to help maintain respiratory health. Key Benefits: High in Fibre Stimulates Chewing Encourages Foraging Fresh Fragrance Dust Extracted 100% natural

Laundry Wash Bag     £13.99   


Pet Laundry Bag keeps all the pet hair inside the bag while allowing a free flow of water. It prevents pet hair clogging your washing machine filter or any metal part, like buckles damaging the drum. You can also use the laundry bag in your tumble dryer. JUMBO SIZE: The 80 x 70 cm (31.5 x 27.5 inch) laundry bag has a wide opening and can be used for both large and small items, such as blankets, towels, throws, cage liners and pet toys

Fleece Liner for Pet Carrier     £7.50


Keep you pets safe, stops them from sliding and helps keep them dry warm while in transportation. Velcro on the bottom to stop it moving around. Easily removed and washable. 12 x 19 inches

Apple Sticks      £3 per bunch or £6 per box of 30


Freshly cut apple sticks, sold in bunches of 10

Rabbit Chew Bridge    £5.50


Our Play Bridge has been made with appealing chewable textures and may help to keep Rabbit's teeth in tip-top condition whilst keeping them stimulated and entertained.

Rosewood Snuggle Tunnel    £9.99


Perfect for small Rabbits or Guinea Pigs. Keep nice and cozy in this reversible fleece tunnels. 

Selective Naturals Fibafirst      £8.99   2kg


Keep your rabbits gut healthy and happy. This Supreme Fiba First Rabbit feed is veterinary recommended, highly palatable and rich in fibre.

Scientifically formulated to satisfy a rabbits’ natural feeding behaviour, this is a well-rounded and complete feed, made with 30% crude fibre and aims to reduce selective feeding, to give your pet a sufficient diet of healthy nutrients and tasty ingredients.

Supreme Selective Naturals Meadow Loops     £3.00


These Timothy Hay & Thyme flavour are delicious and nutritious treats that can be given has a complement to your Rabbit's regular diet. 

Nature First Grassy Carrot    £ 2.50 each



Help create a natural environment for your Guinea Pig or Rabbit with this grassy carrot toy. This fantastic treat will stimulate your pet through play to help beat boredom and keep your little nibbler's teeth trim and clean.


Rosewood Cornrattle Rollers     £ 2.50


Boredom Breaker toys for Guinea Pigs and Rabbits.


Shred-A-Log   £3.50


Rosewood's Boredom Breaker Shred-A-Log Corrugated Tunnel for Small Animals is a simple yet versatile toy, offering both physical and mental stimulation to a range of small animals.

Suitable, for Hamsters, Guinea Pigs and Rabbits

Carrot Wood rolls  £ 3.50 each


Carrot wood rolls are a toy and treat all-in-one go. The edible wood acts as a great gnaw toy with the carrot filling offering an extra tasty challenge!


100% natural ingredients

Woodland Loops for Guinea Pigs      £3.00


Supreme Selective Naturals Woodland Loops (Dandelion & Rosehip) are delicious and nutritious treats that can be given has a complement to your pet's regular diet. Baked fresh in the heart of Suffolk, the treats are rich in natural ingredients and are high in fibre with no added sugar.

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